Mystical Horizons is moving its magic from Mystic to East Lyme

Mystical Horizons is moving its magic from Mystic to East Lyme

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OLD MYSTIC — When the universe closes a door, it often opens a window. 

Such is the case for Mystical Horizons, which is moving from its longtime Old Mystic location and will consolidate operations in its East Lyme store by the end of May. 

The store specializes in new-age-related items such as crystals, gemstones, books, music, astrology charts, candles, incense and essential oils. The shop also offers psychic readings and classes. 

The building, at 46 Route 27 North, had been on the market for 10 years and recently sold, but the new landlord wanted the space for another use, according to store co-owner Lynn Merritt, 57, of Stonington on Thursday at the shop. 

But the timing is good, said co-owner Maureen Pavelski, 65, of Mystic. 

“It just feels as though the time is right,” said Pavelski. “We’re okay with it. It just feels like this is supposed to be.” 

The pair, who met at a psychic fair in Norwich 30 years ago, have operated the shop together for 28 years.

Over the last 10 years, customers often noticed the “for sale” sign and asked what the owners planned to do when the property sold. 

“I said, you know what, the universe will tell us what to do,” said Pavelski. 

Fortunately, the pair already had a built-in Plan B. Before they knew the Old Mystic store would be even be put up for sale, Merritt and Pavelski opened an East Lyme location 15 years ago.

“We wanted to branch out to reach people down in Old Saybrook and Clinton, along that shoreline. We wanted to be there for them as well,” said Pavelski. 

They opened their first store and expanded to their second one because they wanted to provide a place for like-minded people to gather, take classes and have readings done. Some of the workshops cover topics such as developing your psychic abilities and learning to read tarot cards, as well as meditation and astrology. 

Merritt is the main teacher and house reader in Old Mystic, and she will continue in her roles in East Lyme. She said once she learned how to do readings, the practice dovetailed well with her natural ability to help people. 

“I’m also a licensed clinical social worker so working with people is a forté of mine,” Merritt said. “I always tend to joke around and say I’ve done readings for chambermaids to congressional aides.”

Customers hail from all over the world for readings, said Pavelski.

“We get people from all over the state. They’ll come from New York and Boston, and we do telephone readings, too,” she said. 

Some of the calls come from as far away as Japan, England, Hawaii, Spain, Canada and Bermuda, Merritt said. 

The two biggest questions people ask are about love and money, and the readings provide clarity and a sense of calm, she said.

“They can walk away with some peace of mind,” she said. “Usually people leave smiling. They feel better.” 

Customers also come in for certain products that make them feel better, such as essential oils, incense, gemstones and crystals, said Merritt. 

“People love their stones,” she said. “Like with watches and computers, you see the word ‘quartz.’ This is mother nature’s way of encouraging and amplifying your spirituality,” she siad. 

Merritt said different stones have different meanings like love, prosperity, good luck, or connection with angels, 

“If you hold a crystal, you can feel a vibration,” she said. “You could feel energized, you could feel calm. They have an effect on people.”

New customers often don’t know what crystal to pick, but Pavelski said it’s best to let intuition be the guide. 

“I tell people just go toward what draws you, and then look at the meaning of the stone, and they say, ‘Oh that’s so right on, I really needed this stone,’” she said. “That’s how that works — the stone calls you.”

Many similar products are available online, but customers come to the store for personal interaction, said Merritt. 

“People come here for the people experience, the one-to-one readings. They do like the connection, the experience that they have here that you can’t get online,” she said. “You can buy crystals and gemstones online, but there’s a big part of feeling the energy of the stone and such and so people come in to experience that.”

People feel better when they spend time in the shop, said Pavelski. “They call it their oasis,” she said. 

Customers have said they will follow Merritt and Pavelski, but giving up a familiar location won’t be easy. 

“Customers are saying they will miss this store,” said Merritt. “Somebody wrote [on our Facebook page], ‘it’s the end of an era,’ but they will follow us.” 

Pavelski said both she and Merritt will miss Old Mystic. 

“This was our first store, this was the mothership,” said Pavelski. “We always felt a special magic in this spot. It’s like a vortex here, so we’ll miss that energy, but I said to Lynn, we’ll just have to take the magic with us.” 

Along with the move, Mystical Horizons is also planning its first psychic and crystal fair, which is set for May 26 and 27 at its East Lyme location at 313 Flanders Road. For more information call 860-691-2617 or go to


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