What’s Bugging You Q&A with David Jones from Bio-Tech Pest Controls

What’s Bugging You Q&A with David Jones from Bio-Tech Pest Controls


Q: Carpet Beetles, are they called this because they just live in carpets? I have something living in my rug the back of it has all been eaten away.

A: I think they were first noticed damaging wool carpets and yes I am sure that’s how they got their name. But, as so many homes now have carpets made from synthetic materials they look elsewhere for easy pickings. They have always looked elsewhere but are now more difficult to see because natural materials are not normally on site e.g. carpet or cushion backings. It’s the larvae that do the damage. Remember the adults can fly and will often go from room to room to lay almost a 100 eggs. If you suspect you have them call us asap. They will eat fur, cotton, leather wool and so on. And, don’t mistake them for BedBugs. send me an email and I’ll send you pictures of them.

Q: I am getting squirrels inside my house, cannot find how they are getting inside.

A: I am sure you have looked for the chewing marks they make in wood. DON”T GO ON A LADDER to look for them. If you can’t see the holes from the outside it’s because they are often hidden under the gutters. Look for greasy/gray marks which are often made as they squeeze in through the hole. You can also look for light entering your attic but this gives the an opportunity to come into your house. Call Joy for free advise and inspection.

Q: What is your opinion on Corn Gluten, is a good thing to put on grass?

A: Well, it’s not a bad thing. If it doesn’t suppress weeds and crabgrass it will at least give your soil 9% organic nitrogen fertilizer. We have had great results and not so great results and honestly I am not sure why. take care not to apply it when you put down grass seed.

Q: We have rodent droppings inside our garage, how can we tell if we have them living inside the car is there an area we need to look. My husband has checked under the seats. The trunk is all sealed so we could not see how they could get inside.

A: They actually need a very small hole, smaller than a dime to get access. It’s best to assume they are living in your car and then set traps in your garage to catch them. Don’t use poisons. As long as you remove traps each time you use car it’s a good idea to set some in then side it. You should catch them all in a few days providing there isn’t a food source left in the car such as candies or cookies.

Q: I get lady bugs each year in my kitchen. Should I get my kitchen treated now or wait to see if they come back this year?

A: They will have spent the winter in your attic or other dark place. As the days lengthen and temperatures rise they will make their ay out of their solitude and accidentally invade other parts of your house. Remember they are beneficial and it’s a good thing to catch them with a vacuum and let them out.

But sometimes they can be overwhelming and that’s a time to call us.

Q: We have old wood floors throughout our home, one of the floor boards squeak and within three weeks seems to be showing rot. Should we remove it and just put a new one down or could it be an insect problem?

A: For safety’s sake you may need to remove and repair it but any new wood should be treated . It would also be a great opportunity to try and find out the cause of the damage. It could be a slow water leak or insects or decay fungus. It’s always a good idea to find the cause when you are doing repairs. It could be a whole lot expensive to fix it now than in a few years. Call for a free inspection.

Q: Do the Ants die off when the ground freezes?

A: Some do if they haven’t made their colony deep enough beneath the frost line. But in general most insects will just go deeper as the ground freezes. This year has been very cold with deep frozen soil but the soil is now very wet as it thaws. All life forms need moisture so expect a bumper crop of creepy crawlies this year. Ants have already started foraging for food and the little black ants we see inside are very busy.

Q: After cleaning up many spider webs I noticed that they were full of flies. Last time I cleaned them up was about 3 months ago and there were no flies at this time.

A: You may have had a dead mouse or similar which would have given the opportunity for flies to breed. The spiders will gobble up if the flies if they get caught in their webs. You may have not had another dead mouse and that means no food for the flies or spiders.

Q: When should I start fertilizing my lawn?

A: It’s important to realize that grass (and other plants) don’t get their nutrition directly from fertilizers. The fertilizers have to be broken down by micro organisms in the soil. These micro organisms are not active until the soil temperature is above 50 degrees. If fertilizer is applied now it will just run away into our water supply and streams and then the ocean. If you see anyone adding fertilizers now they are just wasting your money and polluting our environment.

Be Safe.

If you have any questions or just need some advice place an email SunBlogs@BioTechPestControls.

Please ask any questions about all kinds of pests or on any environmental issues you may have. David Jones, Bio Tech Pest Controls, 18 Granite St., Westerly, RI 02891, 401-315-2400.

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