What’s bugging you: Q&A with David Jones from Bio-Tech Pest Controls

What’s bugging you: Q&A with David Jones from Bio-Tech Pest Controls


Q: I cannot afford an Aeration and Fertilizing which would benefit my lawn?

A: I would recommend mowing your leaves (free fertilizer) and then aeration. Aeration will allow oxygen and water into the soil reducing runoff.

Q: I saw a sign up on the border of CT saying not to bring fallen trees into another State, why is this? I usually buy my logs from someone just across the border.

A: The reason is a very good one and Rhode Island should do the same. Often, trees that are infested with beetles will become sick and their owners will cut them dow. Unfortunately the beetles that made the trees sick are still alive and well and living comfortably in the cut down trees. Connecticut is concerned that trees affected by pests like the Emerald Ash Borer in Rhode Island will affect trees in Connecticut if they are brought in as firewood.

The message here is Treat your Trees Organically before they get sick.

Q: Why are there so many rats around this year?

A: In Westerly there has been quite a bit of in-town roadworks and remodeling going on.

Rats will move into other areas for safety and food.

I also feel that certain places have not kept up with their rodent control. I have seen juvenile rats in broad daylight and that usually means there is a high population of breeding adults. If you see large piles of trash hanging around call the town to get it cleaned up.

Q: Can I still over-seed now or is it too late?

A: Yes it is, the grass won’t have enough time to germinate as the ground cools down. Wait until Spring when the soil warms to above 50 degrees. Seeds will germinate then. Don’t put fertilizer on the ground in cool temperatures as it will just wash away.

Q: We had our trees deep fed two years ago, is it a good idea to feed again. It really did help our trees and they are so expensive to replace, thanks for your advise.

A: Yes it’s a very good idea, they should also be protected against winter pests. They should only be fed with organic nutrients so they can store energy.

Q: I do enjoy reading your column just wish it was every week. I have done what you say, especially for mice. Now I have a fly problem. I bought one of those horrible sticky things to hang. I just find this gross to look at. What else can I use?

A: Thank you! You have flies because there is a food source, for them. It’s probably a dead mouse that you missed. Call our office 401 315 2400 and Joy will schedule a free visit to check it out.

He will advise the best way to get rid of the hatched flies.

Q: I decided to get a flea/tick treatment for my yard. My neighbor said it was a waste of time and should only do it if I have pets which I don’t. Just wanted to let other people know that if you like working in your yard have a treatment. I am sure you will give other people other reasons as well.

A: Getting bitten by a Flea or Tick is not something to be taken lightly. Ticks are still very active and working in your yard on a nice day in the Fall is an easy way to get bitten. Taking the risk of getting Lyme Disease is not something I would recommend.

Q: We have mice in the house. My husband found a nest behind the stove. I told him not to touch it, but he did and we had baby mice running throughout the house. Now what do we do, I am staying at my mother’s until it is sorted out.

A: Did you tell your husband that he is not your hero at the moment?

Never, ever touch a mouse nest until all the occupants have been trapped. You could really have 8-10 mice that will possibly set up numerous nests throughout your house. I know the temptation to remove the nest is great but jet leave it where it is until the occupants are trapped. Then block up entrance holes with copper mesh and foam.

Be Safe.

If you have any questions or just need advice place an email SunBlogs@BioTechPestControls.

Please ask any questions about all kinds of pests or on any environmental issues you may have.

David Jones, Bio Tech Pest Controls, 18 Granite St., Westerly, RI 02891. 401-315-2400.

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