The General Stanton Inn: Endless Possibilities

The General Stanton Inn: Endless Possibilities


The Southern coast of Rhode Island is a beautiful and exciting place right now. Home to some of the most gorgeous coastlines in the country, Westerly, Charlestown and all of their associated villages and neighborhoods have long been popular destinations for homeowners, tourists, artists, musicians and celebrities. The past ten years especially has seen a real revitalization of this marvelous region, creating amazing and unlimited opportunities for small businesses, gourmet dining and artistic ventures.

With the draw this area has for a wide variety of producers and consumers, there is a need for places to rest your head, and there is no place with more character, beauty, history and potential than The General Stanton Inn.

The General Stanton Inn is the second oldest continually run inn in the country. Proved by the success of the rebirth of The Ocean House, the strength of this region comes from appreciating its deep history and classic beauty. There is a tangible appeal to businesses or locales that have stood the test of time. The original room of the inn, a dining room with a period stone fireplace was built in 1667. That makes it nearly 350 years old and 109 years older than The United States of America itself. That kind of historical background cannot be faked or fabricated and is just one of the amazing and compelling features of The General Stanton Inn.

The General Stanton Inn has 15 guest rooms, including nine Historical, one mini-suite and one Grand suite. The restaurant and tavern can seat 200 throughout several distinct dining rooms, from cozy romantic rooms to larger open dining areas. There is even a lovely outdoor seating space. As is, the inn is ready to work for you, supporting regular traffic of tourists, overnight visitors, and dining guests. With its restaurant facilities, inn accommodations, convenient location and beautiful scenery, The General Stanton Inn is the perfect place to host weddings and all manner of large events.

The site itself is also another point to consider. Situated on nearly seven acres, The General Stanton Inn is ripe with expansion opportunities. Whatever new element you decide the inn needs, you will certainly have the room. Spa or exercise facilities, walking gardens, pools or tennis courts – anything is possible. The best part is that the inn is fantastic as it is right now, so any alterations or additions you might deem advantageous will just be icing on the cake.

Also, the location can’t be beat. Conveniently located off of Route 1, The General Stanton Inn is easy to find. Highly visible, yet still quiet and private, the inn sees an average passing traffic flow of over 17,000 cars per day. That is an enormous number of people passing by, many of which will need a nice place to have a meal or spend the night. With the right pair of hands at the helm, The General Stanton Inn could easily become the premier spot for vacationing tourists and fine dining enthusiasts.

Even more with the location, you can hardly look at a property in this region without factoring in its relationship with the beaches, and The General Stanton is mere minutes to the beautiful Charlestown Beach. Existing within reasonable walking distance and easy biking distance, the inn seems primed to support its own bike or moped rental service, especially considering the myriad of other restaurants, shops and boutiques in the area.

Something else to consider as well is that there is a single family house on the property with an already established retail area. As an owner, this gives you a comfortable and on-site place to live and work the inn, while still providing you a individual and private home. This also would function perfectly as a staff apartment, if your intent is to own the inn, but leave the day-to-day operation to a hired manager.

Endless Possibilities. That is what The General Stanton Inn has for you. This fine establishment has the weight of 350 years behind it. It is this existing strength that will give you the freedom to own this wonderful piece of Rhode Island, and American History, and carry it forward into the future, where it can continue to be an intrinsic, important and invaluable part of Southern Rhode Island’s character.

This property is listed at $1,850,000.00. For more information contact Coldwell Banker Realtor Chad Dupuis at 401-596-6333, 401-261-2218 or

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