Stankiewicz commended for ‘superb work’ as Charlestown administrator

Stankiewicz commended for ‘superb work’ as Charlestown administrator

The Westerly Sun

CHARLESTOWN — Town Administrator Mark S. Stankiewicz, who was hired in 2013, received a favorable annual review Monday from the Charlestown Town Council. In an executive session, the council said it unamimously endorsed a “highly commendable” performance evaluation for Stankiewicz.

“A highly commendable performance evaluation means the town administrator’s performance is judged as being superior in all areas of responsibility,” the council said in a statement.

Stankiewicz will receive a salary increase effective July 1. The increase is part of a compensation package negotiated with the Charlestown Professional Management Association.

The salary for Stankiewicz was $116,733 as of July 1, 2016, and he received a 2 percent hike in 2017 after a similar ‘highly commendable’ review.

In addition, the council increased his car allowance by $420 per year. It was set at $700 per month in March 2015, according to council minutes, and was increased by 2 percent per month last year.

“He’s done superb work in navigating this town through very stormy seas this year,” Council President Virginia Lee said. “A lot of stressful events and he navigated it beautifully for all of us.”

She was alluding to local opposition to plans by the Invenergy power company to withdraw water from Narragansett tribal land in Indian Cedar Swamp to supplement the cooling needs of its proposed 900-megawatt natural gas plant, to be sited in Burrillville. Invenergy ultimately dropped the backup water proposal.

It also included two lawsuits against the town by former local police officer Evan Speck, who was convicted last year on federal charges of steroid distribution and money laundering. Speck dropped the suits in November as part of a plea agreement.


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