Letter: Time for a ballot question on Westerly airport?

Letter: Time for a ballot question on Westerly airport?

The Westerly Sun

Hatsy Moore’s letter to the editor, ‘Where do the airport and town stand?,’ in the Thursday, Sept. 7, edition of The Westerly Sun, prompted me to write in. Living in close proximity to the airport, I have followed the issues she mentions with keen interest. She closes with the question, and I quote, “Now that it’s out, how do residents feel about the Rhode Island Airport Corporation option to close the airport?”

I have been fortunate enough to live in Westerly for the past 18 years. I first visited the area in 1986 and decided that if my career path ever brought me to southern New England, calling Westerly home would be ideal.

In my opinion, the town had all the elements to be a thriving community; a good balance of commercial and residential real estate, a hospital, train station, beautiful beaches/coast, and yes, an airport. The same holds true today. Thus, I would not be supportive of any efforts to close the airport. It’s an important part of Westerly’s infrastructure, an economic engine, and has been a vital transportation link for Block Island for at least 50 years.

If the Town Council wants to determine town wide airport support or lack thereof, maybe such a question could be asked in ballot form next year? Is a vocal minority swaying the Town Council meetings or is airport opposition more widespread? As a Westerly resident, I would be interested to know.

William Bradford


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