Letter: Perhaps the headline should have read ‘Trump takes on the climate’

Letter: Perhaps the headline should have read ‘Trump takes on the climate’

The Westerly Sun

Thanks, but no thanks, to Phil Gingerella’s invitation in his letter, ‘Reminding us of Trump’s take on climate,’ in the Westerly Sun on Thursday, Aug. 3, to “debate” climate change reality. Earth to Phil: The debate is over. The years go by, temperature records are annually broken, Antarctica melts, but if reality and John Merkel’s insightful Westerly Sun letter ‘Lowering bar by screaming alternative facts,’ of Thursday, June 15, directed to you Phil can’t penetrate, I’m sitting this one out.

Addressing the rest of the population, did Gingerella mean, “Reminding us Trump takes on climate?” Trump’s walking away from the Paris climate agreement but states, cities, business leaders and a bi-partisan majority from all 50 states want the United States in the Paris agreement, even if this was before reading Mr. Gingerella’s letter.

“Share the road” with bikers, but how about “Share the planet” with animals and plants fighting a mass extinction crisis from fossil fuel caused climate change? Renewable energy is not the future, the future is today as Trump turns his “Back to the Future” embracing the oxymoronic “clean coal.”

Better oxymoron: Mr. Trump endeavors to dramatically scale back immigration, yet his climate policy, or lack thereof, contribute to the potential 1.4 billion climate refugees by 2060, driven by rising seas according to a June posting, “floated” by the Cornell Chronicle.

So we have the 194 countries in the world together with a majority of Americans in favor of the Paris Accord vs. Syria, Nicaragua, Trump and Gingerella in opposition.

For the love of country and climate, let cooler heads prevail.

Jay Lustgarten


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