Letter: Three cheers to those making learning fun this summer

Letter: Three cheers to those making learning fun this summer

The Westerly Sun

In the first chapter of his very good book, “Weapons of Mass Instruction,” John Taylor Gatto quotes from the April 1913 McClure’s Magazine: In 1909 a factory inspector did an informal survey of 500 working children in 20 factories. She found that 412 of them would rather work in the terrible conditions of the factory than return to school.

Recalling my own time in grade school, trying to finish a stupid workbook, I would probably be diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder today. The underlying problem is boredom. We label it as a disease so we can give children medications, that do who knows what, so they can do menial tasks.

I give a hearty three cheers to the people running the Hasbro Summer Learning Initiative featured in a Sun article on Wednesday. (‘Like a more fun version of school’). They justify what they are doing as helping children avoid summer learning loss. The “student ambassador” Michaela Wright gets it right when she says “We’re having fun learning.” That sounds like a subversive idea to me.

For more on the subject read the John Gatto book mentioned above. Anyone who doesn’t want to read it probably should. Also it would help to read “The End of Average” by Todd Rose.

Vic Arnold



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