Letter: Trump prefers to avoid solar job options

Letter: Trump prefers to avoid solar job options

The Westerly Sun

Markets embrace the sun per the Westerly Sun’s guest editorial on Friday, June 30, ‘Ignoring boom in solar energy,’ which astonishingly reports “Two percent of all new jobs in the nation — one in 50 — are in solar energy–related fields.” Two percent? Gotta love the sun, which we all do! All but the current administration, which remarkably left world agreement, walking out of the Paris Climate Treaty to pursue figurative and literal scorched Earth policies. The climate can go it alone, thank you.

An unorthodox policy from the unorthodox-in-chief President, who will prove himself right claiming the Paris Accord will claim American jobs. If one in 50 jobs now come from renewable energy fields, Mr. Trump is right, the Paris agreement will cost American jobs as the world favors business with treaty partners committed to meeting treaty Green House Gas thresholds that Donald Trump has rejected, eliminating acceptance opportunities.

It must be nice for the rest of the world to celebrate our Independence Day striving to achieve independence from climate changing fossil fuels while our administration pays lip service to a coal insurrection that’s going nowhere with the Kentucky Coal Miner’s museum converting to solar power this spring. Insert ironic chuckle here.

It is what it is. Most Americans as confused about what’s happening here as the rest of the world.

Jay Lustgarten


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