Letter: Pesticide use is killing our honeybees

Letter: Pesticide use is killing our honeybees

The Westerly Sun

The news of massive bee die–offs in Rhode Island should come as no surprise, given the “endorsement” of Gov. Gina Raimondo to the widespread use of neonicotinoid or “neonic” pesticides.

These compounds are intensely toxic and maintain their lethality for a long period of time, increasing the chance of accumulating in water reserves and fruits and vegetables.

The town of Westerly had a commendable idea three years ago, to begin beekeeping on Margin Street with a municipal beekeeper. Three hives were located between the road and the Pawcatuck River. Two years later there was one hive left, now they are all gone.

So too with bees around my neighborhood on Route 1. If you see a honeybee around here it is a rare event.

Any household that used neonic spray could have assisted unwittingly in the demise of beehives. Neonics must be banned from sale and use for bee populations to recover. Without pollinators, eventually tree and flower will both wither, and fruits and vegetables will cease to produce on farms and in gardens.

Is this what our governor wants for the state and it’s people?

Steve Kern



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