Letter: Anonymous note to veteran provides hope

Letter: Anonymous note to veteran provides hope

The Westerly Sun

I would like to take this time to share with the readers something that happened to me on Thursday, July 21.

I was visiting my mother in a local nursing home and when leaving I approached my vehicle to find an envelope on the windshield along with a small gift. When I retrieved the envelope I found a note with “The Finest Veteran” written on the front. When I opened the envelope I found a Hallmark card with an American flag on its cover.

I proceeded to open the card to find the following hand written note:

“My Dear Veteran, Please accept my humble thanks to you for your service to our still great country. May the Lord bless and continue to keep you safe.” It was signed “One Grateful Citizen.”

Well, I am in my 67th year and yes, I am a veteran that served during the Vietnam era. I proudly display a War Veteran Plate on my vehicle which I am sure was the reason for the note. That being said, that was the nicest thing that has ever been communicated in any form to me.

The gift that was left with the note was a sealed package of Kleenex tissue, which I opened and wiped the tears from my eyes after reading such a heartwarming note. For someone to take the time to write a note thanking veterans for their service, and for still believing in this great country in which so many have sacrificed so we may enjoy the freedoms we have today, makes me feel their is still hope for this divided nation to heal and become strong again.

Every veteran deserves to share in this symbol of appreciation by the anonymous author of the note and be thankful, as I am, that there are grateful citizens out there that would take the time to show such appreciation for the service veterans gave to this nation.

During my years I had the opportunity to not only serve my country, but I served the community on the Westerly Town Council, 1982-1988, council president, 1986-1988 and as a constable and police reservist. But of it all, my years of service to the country were the most satisfying and that which I am most proud.

Thank you whomever you are that put the note on my vehicle. I want you to know that I will keep it always and I am thankful to you for your kind words and blessing. I wish you the Lord’s Blessing also and my warmest thanks once again.

Fred Harwood, Jr.


The writer was in the United States Coast Guard from 1969 to 1975.


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