Letter: Hopkinton’s decision on solar project is truly unfortunate

Letter: Hopkinton’s decision on solar project is truly unfortunate

The Westerly Sun

Surprised, no, shocked! The support of renewable energy is understandable, but to clear-cut 60 acres of forest, or approximately 30,000 trees, is truly unfortunate. Did the Hopkinton Town Council take into consideration all the wildlife that will be preparing to take shelter for the winter?

Did the council consider what is going to happen to the 60 acres of vacant space when the solar panels are removed? My guess is a housing development as the land will be clear and ready to go.

It is also apparent that this one solar company is going to be a monopoly in Hopkinton, leaving little or no opportunity for any other solar company to make a more appropriate proposal in terms of protecting our natural land. What is wrong with breaking this capacity up into scattered 5- megawatt solar farms? Putting an 18.8-megawatt panel project on a 73 acre site, comprised of 43,000 solar panels, is an abuse of that land. It seems counterproductive to the essence of alternative energy like solar, which is supposed to be earth friendly.

The fact that it abuts a property owned by the Hopkinton Land Trust is ironic, as there will be clear-cut land with a habitat next door. I feel that the town should keep in mind that the developers of solar energy projects are not completely taking the town’s interest at heart. We are losing 60 acres of trees! That is a significant loss of forest.

We should take a huge pause and reflect more deeply on another solution to these solar project proposals in an effort to protect our town’s natural resources and rural character, as there are other alternatives than this project. I find it disappointing that the Town Council found this solar project OK.

Barbara Beauchaine



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