A plea to our elected representatives for action

A plea to our elected representatives for action

The Westerly Sun

In one news report the other day, a national reporter stated that more than 42,000 new pieces of legislation or regulations had been passed. Now I didn’t catch whether this was at just the federal level or not. Notwithstanding, that’s a lot of legalese for America to read and adhere to. If the legislation and regulation are just at the federal level, including agencies, they are churning out a lot of junk.

I sit here wondering whether anybody in Washington really listens or talks to one another. They seem to be blinded by their own self -indulgence and brilliance. The political parties and their special interests are so polarized by their respective ideologies, nothing major gets accomplished, except screwing things up at every level. There seems to be a whole lot of “just pass it and read it later” attitude. It looks like they may be doing something, but they are just hiding behind their privileged positions and not adhering to the laws and regulations they passed. We have to abide by and pay for this silliness.

This is an open plea to our legislators to not make any new law or regulation without first checking for existing legislation or regulation on the topic, and then filing an economic impact statement. Get rid of the duplications, such as every arm of government having its own job-training program. Stop funding shrimp on treadmills. There is too much stupid stuff that is being funded. There are too many regulations that are smothering business development and job creation. Unleash the creative forces of the American imagination, please. Revise the tax code. It is one thing to lend a temporary helping hand to our citizens, it is quite another to put them on permanent life support. However cruel that statement may sound, our present federal course of action does nothing major to advance job skills or provide the incentives for businesses to hire and train our next generation.

The intransigence of both parties is as bad as the religious intolerance of the extremist groups around the world. We cannot persist with this wasteful spiteful blame game. That is not why we elected people to the respective assemblies. They must get their heads out of their respective posteriors and start to clean up the mess we are in. Most of them need to take some economic and logic courses along the way so they can read financial statements and create responsible budgets. If they are not willing to sign on for corrective action, let the door hit them in the backside on their way out. They can leave their excess campaign funds and other benefits behind as well. They deserve no special advantages. Our Founding Fathers deemed their service a sacrifice to the nation. Many officials now treat elective office as a path to the promised land. Power and personal wealth are the rewards. The pendulum has gone too far. We are getting no bang for our buck; we are getting banged for our bucks.

We need to replace some things, starting with infrastructure. We may be borrowing money, but at least it won’t go to maintain disincentives for people to work and for businesses not to create jobs. Thanks for your time.

Dick Anthony



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