Highs and lows from last week

Highs and lows from last week

The Westerly Sun

Low: Friction between Charlestown and Westerly over the Copar Quarries reached new levels when the Charlestown Town Council passed a resolution asking the Rhode Island Attorney General to look into what it called “irregularities” with Copar Quarries, Westerly Granite and the Town of Westerly. Westerly Interim Town Manager Michelle Buck expressed indignation that Charlestown would consider a resolution “that makes unfounded accusations against members of Westerly’s Zoning Board and broad accusations against the town’s ‘current and former officials’ without basis in fact, and without accurate information. We find such statements outrageous and reckless.” But Charlestown Town Council President Thomas Gentz defended the resolution, saying the Westerly Zoning Board of Review had repeatedly failed to act on Copar and Westerly Granite Co. appeals of Westerly’s cease-and-desist orders. “This quarry lies in Westerly [and we] depend on our neighbors in Westerly. So part of the frustration that I have personally and that I’m concerned about is the lack of attention to this matter in the town of Westerly,” he said.

High: Stonington High School held a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the new Donald Palmer Field before a girls lacrosse game on Wednesday — the first varsity game to be played on the new turf. “It looks absolutely terrific,” First Selectman Edward Haberek Jr. said. “All of the coaches have raved about it.” The field, with its alternating stripes of light- and dark-green turf, can handle use equal to that of three or four grass fields. The turf was provided by Shaw Sports Turf of Georgia, which also provided the field for the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium. The field will be rededicated during the first home varsity football game on Friday, Oct. 11.

High: The Westerly Town Council voted unanimously to approve an ordinance that establishes a ban on asphalt plants throughout the town. Residents, fearful that such a plant would harm an aquifer and public water wells, continued to lobby against the Cherenzia Companies’ plans for the proposed plant — and asphalt plants in general — even though Cherenzia abandoned the idea in June.

Low: According to the state departments of Health and Environmental Management, mosquitoes carrying the potentially lethal Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE) virus were caught in Westerly. The mosquitoes were trapped in Chapman Swamp on Sept. 3. The virus has not yet been found in human-biting mosquitoes, but it can be transferred from infected birds to humans through mosquitoes that bite both birds and people. A Department of Environmental Management representative advised Michelle Buck, interim town manager, that there was “no need to panic,” and there were no plans for the school district to curtail outdoor activities for the near future.

High: Students, teachers and staff members at Deans Mill School are focusing this year on a new school motto: “High expectations for all.” Principal Doug Hammel explained the slogan as sort of a code of conduct that covers “about every aspect of the school — how we talk to each other, keeping the building as clean as we can.” Parents can be assured that their children will be extremely well-mannered while in school and can only hope that it carries over at home.


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